• StroomMatch®: Optimal matching and lead generation technology

  • The optimal matching technology product strives to maximize income, and improve occupancy rates by providing the Principals critical information to close deals at competitive prices. We've built a data processing pipeline that combines proprietory data technologies with Machine Learning and Optimization. We serve our match recommendations to clients via API endpoints that they can seamlessly integrate with their existing tech allowing us to serve a multitude of customers.

  • StroomYield®: Pricing Optimization

  • Revenue management platform that calculates optimal rental price based on underlying supply and demand. We take a Statistical Machine Learning based approach to market conditions and set rental rates

  • StroomIntel®: Market Intelligence

  • Portfolio management platform to track and measure performance, compare against market and submarket level benchmarks. Forecasting solutions for supply, demand, vacancy rates across different Commercial Real Estate Asset classes. Users include property owners, investors, brokers, managers, lenders, appraisers and other commercial real estate professionals.